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General Information

Next year's bus service will see the addition of a second bus to our program, allowing Leahurst to service both the East AND Central/West areas of Kingston.

Both routes will run in the mornings before school, and after-school departing at 3:30 PM. We ask that all students commit to transportation on the selected days for the entire school year. This means that if you need a Monday morning pick-up, you will be receiving a Monday morning pick-up for the entire year. 

Please note that although we will try to be as accommodating as possible, with the increasing interest in the bus service, we will only be accepting transportation requests until August 24th.Transportation requests/ changes will then be accepted once more in December, to prepare for the second half of school, and will continue unchanged for the remainder of the year. Seats will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you are planning on using the bus service for 10 rides per week, the cost will be $5.75 per ride. If you decide to use the bus service for 5-9 rides per week, the cost will be $6.00 per ride. For 1-4 rides per week, the cost will be $6.25 per ride.


If your residence (pick-up/ drop-off location) is in the highlighted area on the map, please continue with the online application process. If your place of residence (pick-up/ drop-off location) is not in the highlighted area and you are interested in the bus service, please email Janine directly at to see if we can accommodate this location on the route.

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East End Transportation Route

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