Guest Lecturers

Guest Lecturers

Leahurst College has the pleasure of welcoming Guest Lecturers on a regular basis. These experts share their experiences and teaching with our students throughout the year.

Monsieur Hamm

Leahurst College would like to thank Professor Jean-Jacques Hamm for his tremendous generosity; he has been mentoring our French Immersion students with weekly lessons and insights into French literature and culture.

Prof. Hamm has been recognized for his work in literature, earning many honours, including the title of Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. This fellowship recognizes "distinguished men and women from all branches of learning who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, humanities and the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life."

Our Leahurst students enjoy his gentle smile, his elegant humour, his kindness and honesty, not to mention the lovely little Eiffel Tower key chains he brought back for us from his most recent trip to Paris. Merci M. Hamm! We continue to enjoy every moment with you.

Len Whalen

Len has ample experience in the dramatic arts spanning the better part of three decades. As a teacher and guidance counselor at Regiopolis Notre Dame, Mr. Whalen taught drama for 20 years and has taken his students’ plays around the world. As an actor, Len has been the star of many productions at the Grand Theatre and is currently touring his play "Jacob's Story" across Canada. At Leahurst College, Mr. Whalen directed the Drama unit and is working towards a production for the Sear's Drama Festival.

Tashfeen Karamat

The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Engineering are supporting the Engineer for a Year program at Leahurst College. This program brings Tashfeen Karamat to us. As a PhD Candidate developing GPS and inertial navigation systems technology, Tashfeen has great insight into the cutting edge of this field. He shares his work and passions with us on a monthly basis.