Josh Zacks

Computer Science, Physics and Problem Solving
Josh Zacks photo

Mr. Zacks graduated from Queen’s University in 2021 with a BASc in Engineering Chemistry. During his time at Queen's, Mr. Zacks actively engaged in the academic community, serving as both a teaching assistant and a course developer. These experiences kindled his love for teaching and inspired him to pursue further education in the field. Currently, Mr. Zacks is working towards his master’s degree in engineering education, driven by his commitment to advancing innovative teaching methodologies. 

His academic pursuits are anchored in his passion for engineering, chemistry, and computer programming. Among these interests, Mr. Zacks has a particular fascination with inorganic chemistry, which led him to conduct research on silver and gold nanoparticles during his undergraduate thesis project. Additionally, he indulges his love for computer programming by undertaking various projects, including developing websites, creating Arduino programs, and designing MATLAB apps. 

Beyond the realm of academics, Mr. Zacks has a love of sports. Mr. Zacks played football, rugby and ran track throughout high school. These days you can find Mr. Zacks on the ultimate frisbee pitch. Mr. Zacks has played for the Queen’s University frisbee team and has experience coaching all ages, ranging from six-year-olds to the members of the Queen’s frisbee team.   

Mr. Zacks is thrilled to join the Leahurst family this year, where he will bring his own unique passion for teaching and learning!