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"Thank you for accepting our daughter into Leahurst. She absolutely loves going to school every day and loves everything about Leahurst."  

Welcome! We are delighted that you are considering Leahurst College for your child. Leahurst is a school for academically strong, highly motivated & curious, enthusiastic, creative, cooperative, independent, empathetic and kind students who are seeking an enriched educational experience, both academic and otherwise. 

In this section, you will find all of the materials required to apply to Leahurst College. Please note all important dates and deadlines.

We are often asked: "Is a Leahurst College education the right choice for my child?". Our future students are selected with success in mind. Here are some questions that we consider when reviewing applications.

Is this child a strong academic student?

Does this child demonstrate a highly motivated desire and ability to independently satisfy academic and social responsibilities? 

Does this child possess a high level of curiosity and interest in all aspects of learning?

Does this child show the creativity to independently explore thinking beyond presented classroom ideas and procedures?

Does this child, without prompting, have an enthusiastic attitude towards learning? 

Does this child show sensitivity (demonstrated through kindness, empathy, and co-operation) to the needs of others? 

For Grade 10-12 student applications, does the student typically maintain an 80% average in most courses? 


If your child demonstrates all of the attributes above, we would encourage you to begin the application process! 


Thank you for considering Leahurst College.