Student Life

Where will your education take you?

"My daughter's newfound enthusiasm for learning touches me deeply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." —Leahurst Parent

Leahurst College is a school where strong academics are paired with a little fun! Outdoor education, travel, athletics and special events make Leahurst College a great place to grow and learn.

Picture of two students attending a House event outdoors
Picture of two students posing for a picture outdoors during the winter
Picture of two students sitting in the cockpit of an grounded airplane and sticking their heads out for a photo during an enrichiment trip
Picture of two students on a boat pulling on sails during a sailing course
Picture of students students listening to the House event organizers giving instructions outdoors
Picture of of a student throwing a pie in the face of another student during an outdoor House event
Picture of students traversing trees in a forest as part of an outdoor activity
Picture of a teacher with five students posing for a picture during a mountain bike outdoor activity
Picture of junior school students eating outdoors after an athletic event