Leahurst College students
Leahurst College students building cars
Leahurst College students outside
Leahurst College students outside
Leahurst College students singing
Leahurst College students outside
Leahurst College students outside

"I can't believe we [my daughter and I] are having this conversation - about inequality, incarceration, race, tax evasion - all because of a geography assignment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! The teachers at Leahurst constantly amaze me."

Welcome to Leahurst College

Leahurst College is a co-educational day school for academically strong, motivated, enthusiastic, empathetic, creative and kind students who are seeking an enriched educational experience, both academic and otherwise. The cornerstone of our program is a dynamic, university preparatory learning experience that will develop students’ potential and confidence.

We are committed to nurturing in our students a sense of empathy, caring, and community, while fostering academic excellence and innovation. Our instructors balance passion, knowledge and best teaching practices with care for the whole student inside and outside the classroom. All students will have regular opportunities to participate in enrichment activities involving sports, travel, technology and culture.

We welcome into our community all students with an appetite for learning and an appreciation for diversity. To help foster a rich and diverse learning environment, our scholarship and bursary program will attempt to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible.

At Leahurst College we are dedicated to inspiring and challenging students to excel. Our students are invited to use imagination, courage, and strength of character to prepare them for the many wonderful adventures that lie ahead.

We invite you to visit our Programming page for more information about our Junior (Grades 5-9) and Senior (Grades 10-12) College Programs.

Message from the Head of School

I recall with great fondness the small private secondary school I attended in Montreal. The caring environment, outdoor education trips, opportunity to travel with classmates and wonderful teachers made for an exceptional learning experience.

From very early on in my teaching career, I have dreamt of someday opening a similar school in Kingston. This school would be warm and welcoming. It would foster kindness and the pursuit of excellence. It would encourage students to express themselves confidently and to connect with the world around them.

After many years in the classroom, and many years of dreaming, I am very proud to introduce you to Leahurst College, a school that has realized this dream, and exceeded my expectations.

Elizabeth Turcke
Head of School
Leahurst College