Tobias Walser

French & Humanities
Tobias Walser

Mr. Walser recently moved to Kingston from Berlin, Germany. With his German and Swiss background, and having grown up close to the French border, Mr. Walser is an ardent francophile who loves to share his passion for French culture, literature, music, and culinary life.

Mr. Walser earned his B.A. and M.A. from the Freie University in Berlin, where he studied philosophy and literature. He then completed two years of teacher training at the School Board Teacher Training Institute of the State of Berlin before moving to Canada.

In language education, Mr. Walser enthusiastically designs projects and assignments through which students learn to exceed their own expectations.  His pedagogical approach emphasizes a close fidelity to the core components of the language, which helps students to stay oriented and to feel comfortable speaking a new language.

Learning new languages opens doors and enables us to immerse ourselves into different worlds of thinking, cultures, histories, geographies, and natures. Mr. Walser has always loved to deeply explore these different worlds and to share his excitement for them. Having worked with Gulag survivors in Moscow, as an elementary school teacher in Berlin, for PR and architecture firms and the opera, he is a man used to wearing many hats!