Enrichment Opportunities

Leahurst College students dog sledding
RMC quad copters
Leahurst College students in chemistry lab
Perimeter Institute
Leahurst College Drama performance

For pictures and more complete information about all the amazing enrichment activities that we participate in please visit our Facebook page.

Chemistry Department at Queen's University - Dr Bob Lemieux, Associate Dean of Arts & Science showed us undergraduate and graduate labs in Chernoff Hall and shared some of his work with us. Dr Lemieux's shared his work on LCD screens to help students understand how technology and chemistry come together in the devices we use on a regular basis.

Centre for Neuroscience at Queen's University - We acted as testers for workshops in preparation for Brain Awareness Week. A big thank you to Dr Cella Olmstead and her team of grad students for teaching us so many amazing facts about the brain.

enLight Light Up the Future Entrepreneurship Symposium - Our students networked and developed some amazing ideas. They even won "The Challenge" and took home the hardware to prove it.

Queen's University Biology Station - Students learned about Citizen Science and how to conduct their own nature surveys. Students also had to cook, clean, canoe, and collect data at this amazing biology station. It was a great opportunity to prepare for our overnight camping trip to Frontenac Park.

Bombardier - We learned how the Bombardier team of engineers and designers turn an idea into reality. The 3D design capabilities and interaction between workers was very impressive.

Retired anesthesiologist Dr Ted Ashbury joined us to share his knowledge and advice. He helped students learn about what an anesthesiologist does, and explained his career path that took him there.

Toronto to see The Lion King! The students were captivated by the singing, dancing, and comedy. We've enjoyed our two musicals so much that we have already booked Wicked for next year.

Science Rendezvous at the KRock Centre - This yearly initiative showcases theamazing science opportunities that occur all around Kingston on a regular basis. Our Grade 9s helped younger students build motors using electromagnets, wires, and a battery. 

Cogeco Kingston - We saw how TV is recorded and produced. Students toured the studio and mobile recording unit, and they even recorded their own short shows. Students were working the cameras, soundboards, and were even the stars!

Sugar Bush at Votary Farms - Students learned how syrup has been produced at this site for nearly 75 years. We also learned about life at the farm and got to meet some beautiful baby goats!

Tia Gillespie led a mixed media workshop series for our students during art class. Students learned about gel mediums, as well as their applications and creative uses. Their work is now hanging on the wall of our school. 

Queen's School of Music Chamber Ensemble Recital -  What a great experience.

RMC - We visited RMC thanks to Tashfeen Karamat, our resident Engineer-for-a-Year. Tashfeen showed us work in antennae development, robotics, and GPS technologies. We knew we were in for a treat the moment we walked in the door as we saw a huge cross-section of a jet engine. The quadcopters, anechoic chamber, and plane-tracking technology were pretty amazing.

Calabogie Peaks Resort - Students received a lesson before skiing and snowboarding for two consecutive days. We even brought along a few students who you may see in a Leahurst uniform next year. If you check out our Facebook page you can see the teachers catching some air!

Chemical Engineering Department at Queen's University - Students got to see first hand: the process and machines used to form plastics, stress and strain testing, evaporation procedures, and what student life looks like in the department.

Anwyn Yarn Studio - We received a very interactive and hands-on workshop with the owner Meriel Taylor. She taught us so much about fibre and how it is a part of our daily lives. Students got to card, wind, spin, knit, blend, dye, felt, and paint the wool and are now working on knitting their own Leahurst caps using naturally dyed wool. What an amazing afternoon. This ties in so nicely with our current Art unit, Fashion where we are following two streams at the moment, Media Studies and Knitting.

Tashfeen Karamat, a PhD Candidate at Queens & RMC is one of our Engineer's For a Year through the Community Outreach Program in the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science. He shared his work on GPS and inertial navigation systems with our students and according to Tashfeen they now know more than most people about how amazing a GPS really is.

Alia Hogben joined us to discuss her views on life, religion, and what it means to contribute to the world. Mrs Hogben was awarded the Order of Canada in 2012 for "a lifetime of distinguished service". As Executive Director of the Canadian Council for Muslim Women she is extremely knowledgeable regarding the treatment of Muslims and women in our country. The students learned so much from her and the stories she shared. Taken from the CCMW website "The message to Muslims and non-Muslims is that all of us must take responsibility for the welfare of all, regardless of belief, race, or colour." This is truly a motto we would like our students to embrace.

Miller Hall Museum of Geology - Earth Through Time. During this lesson students travelled back in time 4.6 billion years to the beginning of the Earth and worked their way forward as the crust formed, single-celled organisms developed, the continents shifted, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth. With many fossils that students could touch and evaluate they had an amazing opportunity to imagine what our world has looked like since it's birth. Special thanks to Mark Badham for taking the extra time to answer all of our questions.

Terry Davies, Founder of West Island College and Class Afloat, came to talk to our students about pursuing their dreams and biggest ambitions. He shared his many years of experience and his story of achieving some of his biggest dreams. Hopefully our students will also achieve some of their greatest aspirations.

Lloyd Shales visited the school to share his love of flight. Using his own designs, Mr Shales has developed beautiful airplanes that the students built and flew, after learning about the history of flight.

Mary Farrar invited us to help plant shrubs as part of the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase One of the Inner Harbour Heritage Trail. Students dug holes, planted shrubs, provided water, and move loads of mulch to help ensure the beauty of the trail will last for generations. Leahurst students are expected to make use of the 20km trail as it reaches completion over the next few years. Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen was also present for the ground breaking, and joined the students for a photo.

Greenwood College in Toronto - The students were amazed by the in-school climbing wall, and the beautiful and varied school opportunities that are present there. After this visit we headed to the Mervish Theatre to see a matinee of Les Miserables. We surprised the students with this visit and they were thrilled beyond belief. We even got to attend a Q&A with members of the cast. What an experience!

Jochebed Katan came in to talk with us about her experiences surviving the Holocaust while living as a young girl in the Netherlands. Many pictures from her life in Holland have survived and really gave the students a deeper understanding of the times. Later the following week students attended Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the RCHA Monument in City Park. What a great connection to help the students appreciate the freedoms we currently share in Canada.

School of Computing at Queen's University - We visited three different labs that are working on computer-assisted surgery techniques. Students got to test out some of these methods and see how valuable they can be. In the afternoon Aynne Johnston, from the Queen's Faculty of Education, came in to deliver a Button Monologue workshop. Aynne is a phenomenal educator, leading the Artist-in-Community Education program, and helping students of all ages embrace their inner thespian.

Leahurst College staff and students made nearly 25 gallons (yes, gallons) of Chili in support of Hospice ChiliFest. Students brought in their own recipes and an our combination of recipes was simmered down to one amazing final product. In total the event raised $45,000 for Hospice Kingston.It was an amazing day and we can guarantee we will be back again.

Leahurst Students and Faculty headed to the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo for the BrainSTEM Festival. Students learned about cutting edge technology and interacted with some accomplished Theoretical Physicists. Leahurst students had great fun interacting with RoboThespian, playing Tetris using the myoelectric signals in their forearms, and learning about black holes. RoboThespian can act, sing, dance, and even guess your age. He told Mrs Turcke she was 23! Well played robot, well played.

Leahurst College is excited to announce a partnership with the Artist-in-Community Education (ACE)stream at the Queen's Faculty of Education. ACE teacher-candidates will work with Leahurst students to facilitate artistic growth throughout the year. For more than three decades "ACE" has been preparing artist-educators who fuse teaching pedagogy and artistic practice. Recognized for their talents, teacher-candidates will be offering Leahurst College students workshops reflecting expertise in this year's class. FIlm-makers, choreographers, musicians, visual artists, actors, designers, and writers are all part of the mix who will be sharing their talents and teaching specialty arts workshops alongside the Faculty members at Leahurst College.

Leahurst College is happy to announce a growing partnership with the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s University. Leahurst students will participate in valuable enrichment opportunities including mentoring, lab experience and hands-on learning. Leahurst College Founder Elizabeth Turcke would like to thank the department for their enthusiasm and support in helping to establish this collaboration.

Leahurst College is excited to announce a new partnership with the Queen's University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) Educational Outreach Program. This partnership will allow Leahurst College students to: experience problem-solving tasks lead by Queen's Engineering students linked to curriculum expectations. visit Queen's campus to participate in hands-on learning in Engineering classrooms or labs, and host an Engineer in Residence over the course of the 2013-2014 school year. Queen's FEAS Education Outreach Program was created in 2013 with the aim to raise awareness of engineering as a career choice and increase the capacity for youth to make that choice.

Additionally, the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen’s University will be hosting Leahurst College students in laboratory tours and experiments. The students will have the opportunity to learn how water and sediments move in nature by making waves, eroding beaches, and watching landslides.