The House System

The Leahurst College crest has been designed to incorporate four important goals. Each icon represents an attribute that the Leahurst community strives to instill and develop in each of our students.

During the first weeks of class, each student will be placed into one of the following four houses.

Flow HouseFLOW House is represented by the symbol for wind and water. The interplay of wind and water with flow and resistance reminds us that it is important to cultivate strength of character while remaining in concert with our environment. It also reflects the understanding that strong leadership should include compassion and can sometimes be about relinquishing control.

Sentience HouseSENTIENCE House has the globe as its symbol to highlight the importance of our students as global citizens - those who are actively involved in the global community. Students are encouraged to become conscious of how their actions impact our global community.

Creativity House CREATIVITY House is symbolized by the stone arch, a construct with a rich history of integrating engineering with artistry. Supporting creativity through knowledge is a major theme at Leahurst College. Building a strong foundation of skills allows for a culture that encourages imaginative expression, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Potenial HousePOTENTIAL House is signified by the acorn, a symbol often used to represent patience, persistence, strength and potential for greatness. This symbol embodies the notion that being challenged to call on these qualities is what builds strength of character.