Outdoor Education

Leahurst College Outdoor Education
outdoor education at Leahurst College
Leahurst College students in a canoe
Leahurst College students exploring
Leahurst College Students Hiking
Leahurst College Students sailing

Some lessons just cannot be taught in the classroom. Leahurst College begins every school year with a week of outdoor education. The student body spends this time at a camp where they will learn to work together, play together, develop a strong sense of self and of what it means to be a team. In keeping with our objective of providing our students with a broadly based and well-rounded education, when possible, day outings will be incorporated into the program.

Throughout the year students participate in outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, igloo-building, hiking, mountain biking, and many more. Some of these will take place through our Physical Education classes while others will be a part of our enrichment activities. 

In the spring, students participate in a 5 day camping trip. They canoe, portage, build fires, and cook their own meals. There is nothing like camping in a tent under the stars to bring a group together.