A Day in the Life

Leahurst College student ties
Leahurst College student in class
Leahurst College rowing
Leahurst College student in class
Leahurst College rowing

Leahurst College students follow a de-semestered, Day 1, Day 2 rotation. The sample schedule below is typical of a grade 9 timetable and highlights the daily tutorial.

Morning Block

Mathematics (Day 1), Science (Day 2)

Lessons will be conducted in a traditional classroom style. We will make frequent use of technology to explain concepts and build understanding.

History (Day 1), Geography (Day 2)

Students will gain an understanding of Canada’s role in the world from a geographical and historical perspective.

Tutorial Period

This time provides students with the opportunity to complete assigned homework as well as work on individual and group projects. Teachers will use this time to assist any student who needs individualized attention. 


Students can chose to bring their own lunch or purchase healthy, nutritious food at the Woolen Mill café.  

Afternoon Block

English (Day 1), French (Day 2)

Students study plays, literature, graphic novels and poetry.  Writing skills are honed in a creative and dynamic environment. French classes are offered from Core to the Immersion level. Immersion students will write the internationally recognized DELF exam in their grade 12 year.  

Integrated Arts (Day 1)

The Integrated Arts course provides students with an opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines. Experienced and inspiring artists will lead Leahurst students in the areas of Drama, Vocal Music and Visual Art.  

Physical & Health Education (Day 2)

Students participate in individual and team sports, including rowing, yoga, cross-country skiing and rock climbing. Life-long fitness and a healthy lifestyle will be the focus. In some cases, these lessons may become team practices or extend into extracurricular activities.