A Day in the Life

"It is impossible to put into words the perfectness of it all." —Leahurst Student

Leahurst College students follow a de-semestered, Day 1, Day 2 timetable. The sample below illustrates a typical Grade 9 day.

Morning Block

Mathematics (Day 1), Science (Day 2)

Art (Day 1), Geography (Day 2)

Tutorial Period

This time provides students with the opportunity to complete assigned homework, seek assistance and work on group projects. Teachers will use this time to assist students who need individualized attention.


Students can chose to bring their own lunch, participate in the lunch program or purchase healthy, nutritious food from the Woolen Mill café.

Afternoon Block

English (Day 1), French (Day 2)

Computer Science (Day 1), Physical and Health Education (Day 2)

Study Hall (optional)