Middle School

Grades 7 & 8

Where Learning is Inspired

Students in our Middle School are asked to build on their skills and take their learning further. Thinking, patience, persistence and practice are at the core of all learning as they navigate more challenging material.

"We feel that our son has had a very good first month at Leahurst. He has made some good friends already and seems to be very comfortable with his classes and new surroundings. It is a real testament to the welcoming community of Leahurst staff and students." ⏤Leahurst Parent







Character Development

With a focus on kindness, resilience, personal development and responsibility, our program provides ongoing opportunities for growth. A safe environment encourages students to take risks, and these are at the core of both creativity and excellence. Whether in the classroom, on a field trip or incorporated into our enrichment programming, character development is at the core of it all.

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In addition to core subjects, students complete courses in Public Speaking as well as Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking, Drama and Visual Arts. Daily Tutorials allow students to learn how to set priorities, collaborate with peers, and seek assistance when needed. These periods are carefully structured in order to allow Leahurst students to develop outstanding work habits.

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Teachers and Accelerated Programming

Leahurst faculty are highly passionate teachers. They lead engaging classes where exceptional students are challenged to enriched material, allowing for the completion of Grade 9 Mathematics and Science, in addition to the traditional Middle School curriculum.

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The maximization of intellectual and artistic potential occurs when students are inspired by teachers who are experts in their field of study and passionate about sharing their love of the subject.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered



Grade 7 & 8 students continue to develop their time management and strengthen their understanding through meaningful practice and study. When work habits are strong, most homework can be completed in Tutorial.



Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in myriad ways, including tests, projects, etc. They learn how to study for larger assessments, and often use the communication skills acquired in Public Speaking class when delivering oral presentations. They work hard - and are very proud of their achievements.

Clubs and Teams

Clubs and Teams

Leahurst College offers many opportunities for students to get involved. Clubs and teams run over the lunch hour and/or after school. Announcements are typically made in the bi-weekly “Reach Ahead”, monthly Newsletter or via email.

What if my student is academically behind when they join Leahurst?

What if my student is academically behind when they join Leahurst?

Students who demonstrate excellent determination, motivation and potential, but who are a little behind academically, will be supported in their daily Tutorial. If they require more time to complete their practice, they can join the After-School Study Hall. The Study Hall is optional, runs for 90 minutes each day, from Monday to Thursday.

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