Senior School

Grades 9 to 12

Building Opportunities

Leahurst College fosters a beautiful learning environment where academics, technology, athletics, arts and adventure are integrated into the development of every student. 

"... now that we are here in Grade 12, I think the way Elizabeth has set up the Leahurst academic program is exceptional. The idea of doing a number of Grade 12 courses in Grade 11 is genius and has really paid off. I am so grateful to Leahurst for that."  - Leahurst parent







Character Development

Resilience doesn’t lie solely in academics. At Leahurst, we offer a number of unique experiences that give students the chance to grow outside of the traditional classroom. Field trips, outdoor education excursions and school athletics allow students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Whitewater kayaking, for example, encourages safe risk-taking, and early morning rowing teaches teamwork and develops strength of character.

The result is students who push themselves, commit to each other, and seek the support they need in order to succeed.

Picture of student rowing.


Each student’s experience at Leahurst is rooted in the dedication to the pursuit of excellence. Academics are characterized by integrity, exploration and above all, a love of learning. Students are hardworking and collaborative, taking advantage of teachers’ support in Tutorial periods and Study Hall. They dedicate themselves to doing their best, and they build the resilience and interdependence that is required to make that possible.

Picture of students working and studying together.

Just a Little More Personal

Skilled teachers, motivated peers and a safe learning environment ensure that students are appropriately challenged while at school. This means taking many of our students beyond the curriculum towards more advanced topics and projects. And this means teaching every single one of our students how to set goals, manage their time and ask for help when they need it.

In a place where students feel individually challenged and supported, they can develop invaluable thinking and communication skills — skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Picture of students working on a project together.

Leahurst Prepared

A strong focus on academics means that Leahurst students graduate ready to take on the rigours of university classes. We build a culture of excellence by having high expectations of our students in addition to providing them with enriched, inspired learning opportunities — a culture that has seen one hundred percent of Leahurst applicants accepted to highly regarded Canadian and international universities.

By the time our students reach Grade 12, they have become a close-knit group of friends who support each other and dream big for their lives after high school. They grow to become leaders in school spirit and extracurriculars. As they leave, they take with them a desire to find meaningful experiences in their post-secondary education — and beyond.

Picture of a graduating class on stage after their graduation ceremony.
Picture of student in a water fight during a House event outdoors.
Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered



In addition to courses required for university entrance, Leahurst College offers a wide range of elective courses, such as World History, Challenge and Change, Leadership, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology.

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills

Leahurst graduates who dedicate themselves to their senior courses will develop unparalleled thinking and problem solving skills. Our alumni tell us that they are far better prepared on this front than most of their undergraduate university peers.



Senior classes are challenging and the Leahurst faculty is dedicated to ensuring that all students reach their potential. Academic support is available for all students during daily Tutorials, daily After-School Study Hall and from individual teachers upon request.

University Prep Support

University Prep Support

In addition to support with their university applications, Grade 12 students are afforded the freedom and responsibilities necessary to learn the skills of time-management, and to develop an intrinsic sense of work ethic that is required to be successful at the undergraduate level.

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