Application Form

For Entrance 2022-23

Applicant Information

Current School Information

Student Information

Please note that Leahurst College is relying upon your answers to the above five questions to its detriment, pending the future receipt of your child’s Ontario Student Record and any other student records from outside of Ontario. Should the future receipt of any of these records not confirm the veracity of your answers to the above five questions, then Leahurst College reserves the right to immediately terminate the enrollment of your child, at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Head of School.


Uniform Order Information

Please provide all measurement information in inches

Feet and Inches
(i.e. where a kilt or pants will be worn)

Family Information

Parent #1

Parent #2


General Information


Compliance with the rules of the school by the parents and student is understood as a condition of the student’s admission. In consideration of Leahurst College admitting and undertaking the education of the above named as a student, the undersigned hereby agrees to pay Leahurst College all fees and charges that shall at any time hereafter become due and payable in respect of such student. The information provided in this application remains the confidential property of Leahurst College.