Bob Turcke

Vice-Principal Strategy & Planning, Physics, Mathematics
Picture of Bob Turcke

Mr. Turcke earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil Engineering) and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. It was during his undergraduate degree that he discovered his passion for working with high school students while tutoring and coaching swimming. Mr. Turcke has taught Physics, Science, and Mathematics for over 25 years and has coached Mountain Biking for almost as long.

Throughout his time in the classroom, Mr. Turcke has dedicated himself to developing thinking skills in his students by teaching the art of solving complex problems. “I view this (Physics course) as a problem solving course and the physics topics simply provide the medium through which it is delivered.” His approach in the classroom allows students to gain a deep understanding of concepts through active engagement with challenging problems. “My favourite types of problems are those that can not be solved without a deeper understanding of the material and even better are those problems that actually cause a deeper understanding to evolve as the students struggle with them.”

His commitment to his students is well known in the Kingston community. He can often be found helping students in his lab at lunch, after school, and even some weekends. An example of this was an after school study session that migrated to the public library when the school closed, then to a coffee shop when the library closed.

Mr. Turcke likes to push his students (and athletes) to discover that they are capable of more than they thought possible. “I love it when they surprise themselves with a huge intellectual or athletic breakthrough. It is a special type of confidence that is gained in this manner.”

When not in the classroom, you can find Mr. Turcke loving life on his snowboard, windsurfer, or mountain bike.