Cheryl Yang

Mathematics & Computing
Picture of Cheryl Yand

Ms. Yang is a proud Kingstonian and a graduate of LCVI, having grown up in Kingston after moving to Canada in elementary school. She holds a BMath in Honours Statistics from the University of Waterloo and an MSc in Probability and Statistics from Carleton University. While at Waterloo, Ms. Yang was the proud recipient of the prestigious Cherry Statistics Course Award.

Ms. Yang has always harboured a love of learning and hopes to encourage creativity and curiosity in her students.

Ms. Yang credits her passion for education to the inspirational teachers she's had throughout her life. She has had the pleasure of teaching a variety of students, in courses ranging from Enrichment Math at the elementary level to various college math classes. Having participated in math contests herself as a student, Ms. Yang has also taught Contest Math and participated in marking of the Euclid (Grade 12) math contest at the University of Waterloo.

Her brightest teaching moments include guiding struggling students as they develop a growing confidence, having earned the rewards of their tenacity and perseverance. She also enjoys creating moments of challenge and discovery for high-performing students.

In her free time, Ms. Yang enjoys reading, painting, spending time with her family, and scouring the web for the highest quality math puns.