Flame Eadie

Faculty & Staff, Marketing & Operations
Picture of Flame Eadie

Five years ago, she returned to her birthplace and is currently enjoying reconnecting with her hometown.  Flame has more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, specifically in the consumer packaged goods, luxury brands and hospitality industries.  She had the unique opportunity to launch a new Canadian product to the US market and spent two years travelling and marketing the brand in almost all 50 states.  

Flame also has a lengthy background in event development and planning, which served her well when she took up the challenge of co-founding her own small business focused on importing, sales, and distributing products to the B.C. market. She recently worked on projects to help promote tourism in Kingston and managed operations at Kingston Accommodation Partners. 

During the warmer months, you can find Flame on the tennis court, and in cooler months, she will be keeping up with her squash game. 

Flame is very excited to join the Leahurst Team and share her enthusiasm and marketing adventures with her students. She believes that successful students become successful adults.