Jesse Streight

Chemistry, Computer Science & Music
Picture of Jesse Streight

Born and raised in Kingston ON, and a graduate of KCVI and of McGill University (BSc Chemistry), Mr. Streight has shared his talent and passion for teaching as a sailing instructor on the Kingston waterfront, a private swimming instructor in Montreal, and as a guitar teacher while on a missions trip to Kijabe, Kenya with his family.

Mr. Streight developed a keen interest in organic chemistry and biochemistry during his time at McGill, complementing his chemistry studies with a biology minor. He continues to be inspired and motivated to explore the realm where carbon chemistry comes to life, and convey this wonderment to his students.

Along with his academic pursuits and his passion for education, Mr. Streight shares his desire to experience the outdoors. As a long-time summer staffer at the Gould Lake Outdoor Center, Mr. Streight brings his outdoor skills to Leahurst by organizing and leading the spring wilderness outdoor trips for our senior students.

Mr. Streight has had a longtime involvement in the Kingston and Montreal music scene with his alt-Rock band Wilderling, and he continues to share his passion for music with his students while teaching Ensemble Ukulele to this Grade 6 and 7s in music class. We are very pleased to have Mr. Streight teaching at Leahurst where his eclectic mix of pursuits is highly appreciated.