Julie Schneider

Director of Admissions, Mathematics
Picture of Julie Schneider

Ms. Schneider has centered her career around her love of mathematics. From an early age, she learned that math is a lens to view the world as well as a tool to solve problems. She fondly remembers building things with her dad: measuring, calculating, and discussing practical constraints. She also loved games and puzzles that developed critical thinking.

Ms. Schneider’s high school calculus teacher taught with such rigor and passion that she couldn’t help but study math at university. After finishing a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, she earned a Master of Science in cryptology and scientific computing at the University of Maryland, and then a Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching at New York University, preparing her both as a mathematician and a teacher.

Over the past fifteen years, Ms. Schneider's teaching has reached students from ages 11-65, has spanned coursework from remedial up through highly accelerated, and has brought her from the U.S. to Peru to Canada. It is with great honor and excitement that she joins the Leahurst community in a role similar to the teacher who inspired her.

Ms. Schneider is most proud of her membership in an elite New York City-based teaching corps called Math for America, her softball team’s Ivy League championship, and her finishing time as a local sub-elite runner in the New York City marathon. She now has two young children with whom she is sharing her passions. When not teaching, Ms. Schneider spends her time goofing around with her family, running in the woods, and reading.