Rachel Murphy

Academic Advisor & Enrichment Studies Coordinator - Junior School
Rachel Murphy

Rachel is from the Kingston area, originating from the small town of Enterprise. She is a recent
graduate of Queen’s University, with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Biology and a Bachelor of
Education. During her studies she took a strong interest in World Religions, Evolution, Ecology,
and Human Interaction courses. Rachel teaches General Science, Biology, and Chemistry. She
has always had an interest in environmental studies and continues this through concentrating
in environmental education programming at The Marine Museum of The Great Lakes.

Rachel has multiple interests including hockey, dramatic arts, and the Canadian Blood Services.
With 19 years of experience playing, coaching, and officiating hockey, she has developed a love
for team activities and leadership. She has experience running school Improv Teams and Relay
for Life events, in which she can help students develop skills and promote volunteering. Blood
and organ donation in the community is her passion. She has worked through her schooling as a
General Executive on the Queen’s Blood Team, as well as her teaching to promote awareness in
her community through OneMatch events and blood drives.

As a member of WISE, Rachel has a significant passion for STEAM, specifically the promotion of
female interest in science and engineering at a young age. She has spent time teaching Grade 3-6 girls through experiments to increase their personal interest. With her past opportunities,
Rachel has developed into an individual who focuses on keeping a positive and fun atmosphere,
while aiming to remain transparent with all students.