Leahurst College student

"My son is flourishing at Leahurst. I wish we had sent him in Grade 6."


Leahurst College offers a Junior College Program and a Senior College Program.

The Junior College Program includes Grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.  Junior students occupy the same beautiful space and our outstanding faculty teach across all grades. Class sizes are small, and each course is taught by a specialist in the field.  

The grade 7 course load includes a computers class and lays the foundation for an enriched learning environment in grade 8, where a course in public speaking and debating is a favorite.  Exceptional grade 8 students have the opportunity to earn Grade 9 credits in their Grade 8 year.  

The Senior College Program provides students with a supportive, rigorous and meaningful university preparation.  In addition to the benefits stated above, daily tutorials provide the support required to allow students to meet their potential while ensuring that stress levels are minimized.  Grade 10 students may write the PSAT exams and Grade 11 students may write the SAT exams.  Students who are interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams will have outstanding preparation.  

Leahurst Math Methods is an instructional program implemented in both the Junior and Senior Colleges.  Students develop more than a cursory understanding of mathematical processes.  Leahurst Junior College students will develop a profound understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and how they can be applied and extended to the real world. It is through this specific method of instruction that we ensure that our students will enter the Senior College program with a solid academic foundation and excellent work habits and skills.  Math contests from the University of Waterloo are written every year.  

Students who are interested in pursuing bilingual certification (in English and French) will benefit from our DELF exam preparatory program. The DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) exam is quickly becoming the new standard in language education; Leahurst College will ensure that graduating students interested in bilingual certification will have the opportunity to include DELF among their many accomplishments.

Elizabeth Turcke
Head of School