Leahurst testimonials

Faculty Testimonials


"I’ve had a long life of teaching school music, pre-service teacher candidates at Queen’s, and leading adult choral groups. I was thrilled to be brought into the Leahurst community to instruct our wonderful Grade 7 and 8 students. Everything about the school has impressed and informed me. There is fantastic administration and leadership, wonderful, skilled, dedicated and very hard-working teachers, committed and learning-focussed parents, and super fun and curious students. 

I learned a lot about teaching and assessment practices at Leahurst. I worked very hard to assign meaningful research, projects, and homework to my students and to mark it or look at it as efficiently as I could.  I was in a conversation with each student about our teaching and learning.  

I was assigning independent work and offering some sort of assessment to every student, every class! It was a regular and direct, authentic assessment. We talk a lot about this at Queen’s, and in public schools, but I have never seen a setting where authentic assessment is used as effectively to create trust, inform both students and teachers, and facilitate learning.  I learned quickly each of my student’s strengths and weaknesses. I learned what teaching strategies I was using that were effective and which were not, on an individual student basis.  I learned how to be effective with each student. It was a ton of work but SO rewarding.

I’ll take that knowledge into my other [music] conducting and leadership work with adult learners and children.  Meanwhile, at Leahurst, the reality that this is the normal operating procedure for all students and teachers makes me know that this is a very rich learning environment that is so great to be a part of."

- Mr. Rush, Leahurst Music Faculty 


“Leahurst College has changed my life. I didn’t know until this September what my purpose on Earth was, but now I do. Helping the talented Leahurst students grow as people makes me happier than I have ever felt. There is an incredible harmony between the faculty and student body that is only possible as a result of the innovative and supportive environment the administration has spent countless hours making ideal."

- Dr. Chatelain, Leahurst Science & Computer Science Faculty


"The thing I appreciate most about my Leahurst students is their voracious curiosity and learning. The students at Leahurst are always so eager to acquire knowledge, challenge themselves and push their abilities that extra step. It isn't difficult to find teaching enjoyable when your students show such dedication and joy in learning new things together!"

- Ms. Beard, Leahurst Junior School Faculty


"When you step into Leahurst, you immediately notice two things: quality and stillness. Then you might notice the odd student pirouetting or skipping down the hall. What is missing here is the kind of over-stimulating Disney-like approach you find, sadly, in many schools today. Students at Leahurst are taught to recognize beauty. They are given a space to think.

As a parent of numerous young ones, we like how they are treated when we visit: as valuable one-day-to-be adults. They are listened to and given room to be kids, but they are also given boundaries, all with the same level of respect that permeates the rest of the place.

The expectations are high, and I value that at Leahurst it's ok - in fact, it's "cool"- to be smart, curious, interested and engaged in ideas and not be afraid to wonder aloud.

Academically, the teachers are dedicated to not only their students, but their subject areas. The Arts and Sciences battle it out daily and you can hear the teachers, even in general conversation, talking about equations or theories or ideas, not because it's their job, but because they love this stuff. " 

- Mr. Tucker, Former Leahurst Faculty


Parent Testimonials 


"Leahurst is an innovative school for students who love to learn. It is a metamorphosis of traditional learning that is purposeful, engaging and intense. It seems impossible to be under Mrs. Turcke and her staff’s leadership and not love learning. Balance is evident at Leahurst in the choice to stretch the curriculum through both semesters as well as the range of activities that allow the students to experience life through different media. The philosophy of a balanced education is successfully woven into their curriculum in a way that draws students to love learning. Academic expectations are high, but individual attention is also available to ensure success. I love how Leahurst is on the cutting edge of technology, but students also learn to dye wool and knit a tuque. From sailing to sciences, I am so thankful for my daughter’s opportunity to grow her talents and experience life and learning at a whole new level. Not only is Leahurst a fantastic high school experience, but I am confident that it will prepare her for success in university."

- Anonymous, Leahurst Parent


"I want to thank you for the amazing job Leahurst is doing with the Zoom platform. While it’s not 100% the full classroom experience, interacting with the teachers and the other students, it seems pretty close!

The educational experience that you are able to provide for these kids under the circumstances is amazing. I also think the routine provides a bit of normalcy for the kids in these uncertain times. This all underlines how happy we are with our decision to switch our daughter to Leahurst this year. Thank you for all that you and your faculty do for the kids."

 -Steve, Leahurst Parent


"We are so thrilled to have our daughter at Leahurst! She is just blossoming in the wonderful environment and we are so impressed by the incredible learning opportunities. A special thanks to all the teachers for their passion and creativity."

- Anonymous, Leahurst Parent


"A heartfelt thank you does not seem enough for all the incredible efforts over the last month. I have shared that my son’s school experience over the last two years has been life-changing, but over the last two weeks, I have seen so much more. He has not complained once about being in class. He has not asked me to help him get organized. He seems so engaged and genuinely excited to be with all of you and his friends. The ability to connect with people he cares about has made the world of difference in this new normal. In this time of adapting and facing challenges you have all created an environment that fosters and embodies not only critical thinking but also resiliency."

 -Lindsay and Scott, Leahurst Parents


Grandparent Testimonials


"This year was our first Leahurst Grandparents' Day and we loved it. During this unprecedented time in everyone’s lives, Leahurst managed an amazing feat of gathering students and grandparents together for a shared time of learning and laughter. The teachers and staff did this with style and smiles, education and enthusiasm, and a lot of patience. We are grateful." 

-Deb and Dale, Leahurst Grandparents


Alumni Testimonials


“This year provided me with clarity about what I want for my future. If I had any advice for the graduates, I would just tell them that it is okay if you change your mind about your program. Sometimes figuring out what isn’t right for you is just as important as figuring out what is. I am thankful to Leahurst for preparing me to be adaptable to new challenges”.

-Bianca, Leahurst Alumna '19


“If there's one thing I took away from my years at Leahurst, it was adjusting my perspective on the current situation and making it my own. Even though it may SEEM like the sky is falling, just take a step back and realize that life's got so much more in store for you than that one bad grade, or your plans getting cancelled. We got this!"

-Caroline, Leahurst Alumna '18


While at the library studying for their first year university chemistry exam: "We wanted to thank Leahurst for such a great foundation! We are finding it easier to approach the harder problem types than many of our peers [here at Queen's University]."

-Julia and Sophie, Leahurst Alumnae '14